is on a mission to take over the meme universe. The time has come for Hoppy to show his greatness.

Hoppy is an anthropomorphic frog character based on the famous comic book «The Night Riders», published in 2012 by artist and illustrator Matt Furie. Today, this is one of the few characters of Matt Furie that can truly be considered unique.

Hoppy began his memetic revolution through countless iterations of memes cementing his iconic status, mastering every form with his unparalleled power. With its roots in internet culture, Hoppy infuses humour and meme magic into the world, fostering a movement that unites and makes everyone happy.

Token Supply: 420,690,000,000

No Taxes Forever, No Nonsense,

LP Tokens Burned & Contract Ownership Renounced

Phase 1: fun begins, memes spread, community builds
Phase 2: 100,000 holders
Phase 3: takeover the meme universe

Install Metamask Extension and Create an Account at Make sure your account has some ETH; you can buy ETH directly on MetaMask.

Go to Uniswap and Connect MetaMask to Uniswap: Click Connect, select Token, then paste the contract: 0x6E79B51959CF968d87826592f46f819F92466615

Connect your MetaMask to Uniswap and proceed to swap Ethereum for HOPPY tokens.

Use the right amount of slippage (0.5%-1%), if transaction doesn’t work increase gas on MetaMask.

To see your $HOPPY in your Metamask go into tokens, at the end click on import tokens, then click on Custom Token and paste the contract: 0x6E79B51959CF968d87826592f46f819F92466615 and import.

$HOPPY coin has no association with Matt Furie or his creation “The Night Riders”. This token is simply paying homage to a beloved meme we all love and recognize.

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